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Explore the Legal Landscape of Recreational Marijuana!

When you visit Colorado, you come for adventure. Now, you big boys and girls can explore the new‐found legal landscape of recreational marijuana! That’s right, no doctor’s prescription required! Just a 21 and over driver’s license or passport and you can enjoy all of the sins of adulthood. Well, at least the ones that are legal, and guess what… in Colorado, marijuana is as legal and enjoyable as a cold, frosty beer at a bar… or a shot of bourbon at a friendly back‑yard BBQ!

A Summit County Brewery Tour is now offering a new alternative to our wildly successful beer‐only tour. We now are providing a comprehensive activity called, Brews, Booze & Buds, with 4 daily tours for your busy adult schedule. It’s your only Colorado opportunity to visit a distillery, a brewery and a legal marijuana dispensary without any unexpected add‐ons or pricey distractions. And you won’t come back to your hotel or condo smelling like you just spent three hours in an old hippie bus with a bunch of frat‑boy stoners! We know what you want! And we are here to get you there with style!


So let’s first talk about cold, frosty beers. We'll take you to Highside Brewery in downtown Frisco, where you can sample any one or two of their tasty local craft offerings. And then, we’ll pop for a pint of whatever you deem to be your favorite! Renowned bar magician, Joel Godfrey, will then amaze and delight you with the secrets to winning free beers at the bar with your friends with unbelievable feats of mind-reading and future prediction. You will unlock the vast powers of your mind and learn fascinating stunts to "rule the barstool". It's an investment in your beer-drinking future!

In‐van Karaoke!

As we wind our way to the Breckenridge Distillery through the scenic Ten Mile Mountain Range, we fire up the in‐van karaoke! You’ve never experienced the Rockies like this! With over 400 classic songs to choose from, you can be the next Summit County Superstar! And we even have prizes, Prizes, PRIZES to give out if you and your friends choose to flex the golden pipes. It’s road‐trippin’ fun at its finest!


Then, enjoy a 25‐minute tour of the finest distillery in America (deemed so because of our unique water) to see how the Nectar of the Gods is created. Just enough science to make it interesting… just enough free samples to make it exhilarating! The folks at the Breckenridge Distillery will have plenty of bourbon and vodka for your discerning palate and will leave you smiling with delight. You might even want to find out about how each one of our B, B & B passengers gets a chance to take home a FREE fifth of gold‑medal Breckenridge Bourbon or Vodka! Roll the dice and play your cards right and you can be a WINNER!

We then hit the road once again for a short trip back to Frisco for more fun. And by fun, we mean playing several more classic tunes before crowning the day’s Karaoke King (or Queen!). Did I mention we have prizes, Prizes, PRIZES... including our Breckenridge Wedding Crasher Coozies and our Light-up Beer Stein Pins just for singing your favorite song!


And then it’s time to explore a whole, new world! After entering the doors of our cannabis affiliate, you will see professional displays of products, strains, devices and flavors that will make you feel like a kid in a candy store! Friendly and capable, your budtenders will guide you through the various offerings to find a suggestion that will be just right for you. And since there is never any obligation to purchase on the “Brews, Booze and Buds” tour (unlike other similar tours), you are free to merely consider the possibilities… or step right up and make a purchase!

Because you might find something special to smoke… to nibble on… to rub on… and more! Every one of our guests receives a special 10% discount coupon for purchases at our preferred dispensary, High Country Healing in Silverthorne, CO. And best of all, our featured dispensary will let you complete your purchasing using a Visa, Mastercard or Discover credit card with a discreet transaction name on your credit card statement!.


Your budtenders have all of the answers to all of the questions that you are inclined to ask, since legal marijuana is so new to all of us. So take your time and explore as you enjoy the freedom of choice that makes this country so great! More likely to observe than imbibe? That’s perfectly fine, too! Some folks just want to see how we do things here in Colorado and nothing more. We want you to be comfortable, whether you indulge or not! But if you do take the plunge, we have discount coupons for the best recreational values that you deserve!

Plus, since this extravaganza is offered by A Summit County Brewery Tour, discretion is assured on your credit card statement, as we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Safe and Secure

Give yourself the chance to try something new. It’s fun, legal and guilt‐free! And best of all, we do all of the driving, including the safe and secure, smoke‑free, return trip back to your front door. So there’s no blinking red lights in the rear‐view mirror and no tell‐tale odor to explain when you get back home!

PRICE $69.95 Per Person - plus 20% server's gratuities and sales tax

With 4 daily excursions priced at $69.95 (plus sales tax/service charge), there's always a perfect time to enjoy "Brews, Booze & Buds!". Call us at (970) 468-7777 and let's get the party started!

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The Brews, Booze & Buds Daily Departure and Return Times from all Summit County Metro Locations:

  • 11:30am through 2:30pm
  • 1:00pm through 4:30pm
  • 3:00pm through 6:30pm
  • 5:00pm through 8:30pm

(All times listed above are approximations. Exact times will vary slightly based upon number of tour participants).


Brews, Booze & Buds

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