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Birthday Beer Tour

We recently visited Colorado from upstate NY and happened to be there for my husband's birthday. Beer is one of his great passions so when we saw the flier for a beer tour, we thought "What better way to celebrate?!" He still says it was his "second best birthday" (we got married on his birthday!) It happened that it was only myself, my husband and son (although he normally does larger groups) but our guide gave us an incredible night! We were picked up in Breckenridge and taken to 4 great breweries in the area for lots of beer, dinner and the most amazing magic/bar tricks! We can't say enough about our of the most memorable of our Colorado adventure!
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Brews, Booze & Buds Tour

This tour was AMAZING. I bought this as a surprise for my boyfriend's birthday while we were skiing at Copper Mountain with about 10 of our friends, and everyone had an amazing time. It lasted about 4 hours, and we got to tour a distillery, brewery, and finally a dispensary. Joel was incredibly accommodating and kind, and the karaoke only got more entertaining as we stopped from place to place. Don't be fooled by the advertisement of bar magic - he David Blained all of us by the end of the of the show. Better yet, he Joel'd us. He was incredibly funny, charming, and made sure all of us were having a great time. We even got picked up and dropped off at our resort! It was SO reasonably priced, and I recommend everyone looking for a fun daytime/nighttime activity to book this tour.
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Didn't know what to think at first, HAD A BLAST!

We took the Brew, Booze & Buds Tour with Joel. At first, we weren't too sure about our choice, especially the van karaoke part...WE HAD A BLAST! The tour was very engaging and entertaining...Joel is a self-proclaimed Bar Magician with lots of cool tricks to share. We got very lucky and were joined by a really fun group. I think the key to enjoying this tour is to go with a group, the more the merrier
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Brews, Booze & Buds

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